Car Share is a little different than a typical hire scenario. It operates from central pick-up, drop-off location for Members.

The vehicles are available when not booked, just select the required time block and lock it in. This is a great asset to utilise in a situation where you need a vehicle short-term saving you the hassle of per-day rental, worrying about your own transport and even parking on a regular basis where that is difficult.

The convenience for Members is huge, the advantages are great and the sheer simplicity of the system is something you will love.


Simply sign up for free and get validated. Once a Member, use your ID on your phone, tablet or desktop computer. Once logged in, there will be a reservation page with available hours and locations.

Select the car you want and how many hours you need it. We also have daily and overnight specials.

If you need the car longer, you can extend the reservation if the car is available with a simple phone call.

Ready to SHARE

Student Car Share vehicles are regularly cleaned and maintained and available for all Member's to share anytime they need to.

The vehicle becomes an asset for validated Members with a personal responsibility to leave the vehicle as you found it for the next Member to share.

If you find the interior of the car is dirty at the beginning of your reservation, please send us some pictures to and call 1300 183 184 to report, the offending member will be charged a $100 cleaning fee.


Let's face it, parking is becoming more and more difficult and expensive every day. In a situation at, for example, the University or College, Car Share is a brilliant choice.

Fast, easy and convenient with a central location to simply look up and book an available space, pick up, use and drop-off again when done.

Get the App:

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Sign Up

and get yourself registered

As a Student or Faculty Member, just choose a car sharing program, fill out the free online application. Once your membership has been approved, you'll receive an email confirmation. We will also mail you a Smart Card and welcome brochure. Your member ID number will be on your welcome brochure - you'll need this to log in and reserve. Ready to get started?

Get Validated

We check a few things

Please allow up to 3-5 business days. The approval process is simple and we work fast to get you on the road as soon as we can. We will need to authorise your credit card and also verify that your driver's license is valid. International members may take longer to get approved.


Need to find out availability

Use your member ID to log in. Enter your Member ID and personally selected password. You can make a reservation 24/7 with as little or as much notice as you like.

Pick it up

Get ready

Since this is a car sharing community and the cars cannot be cleaned after every use, be sure to leave the vehicle in good condition for the next member by taking your personal belongings and removing any rubbish upon exiting the vehicle.


You are on your way

Only you or another approved member on the same Student Car Share account can drive the vehicle during your reservation. That's the benefit of being a member. Depending on the plan you choose, your rate may also include a limited amount of kilometres per car share period. Any kilometres over your limit will be charged at a low per-kilometre rate.

Drop Off When Done

Return it

Keep in mind that car sharing is not a one-way rental program, so your vehicle must be returned to the original reserved parking area where you picked it up. This allows it to be easily found and used by the next member.

Rates and Fees

Membership Fees

First Years $35 membership is Free..!
One off $25 application fee applies


$6 per Hour + $0.25 per km (Fuel & Insurance included).

$74 per Day inc.150km free + $0.25 per extra km (Fuel & Insurance included).

Book for as little as an hour or a day!

Fuel & roadside assistance are all included with your Student Car Share membership.
(All rates are subject to change without notice)

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Things to Know

Now is the time!
Student Car Share's Annual Membership fee is $35 per year, but the first year's Membership is currently free, so claim your freedom and take advantage of it while you can! There is an Application Fee of just $25.

Refund/Cancellation Policy
Changes and cancellations can be made 30 minutes prior to your booking. Refunds are not applicable for early returns.
If you wish to cancel your membership, regretfully, your membership fees cannot be refunded.

All cars are comprehensively insured.
A Damage Excess of $2500 applies in the event of an accident.

More Information
View Our Privacy Policy
View Our Terms & Conditions
View Our Charges & Penalty Fees

First Thing

Sign up


We'll validate your membership


We'll send you a Smart Card


Check availabilities


Place a booking online

Pick up

And drop off when done


  • So easy to do. Just sign up, check availablity for when you want a car and go.... So much easier than the hassle and cost of parking.

    Jennifer - Student
  • A car, short-term - super easy and really convenient for me and my needs, safe too!

    Lauren - Faculty Member
  • I wasn't so sure, but signed up and became a Member. After several bookings now, I couldn't imagine an easier way to go, just pick up a car and drop it off when you return - super easy...

    Brian - Student

We've teamed up with RADD!

  • We are happy to announce our new partnership with RADD - Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drink Driving. The party season is upon us, so it's more important than ever to plan ahead. If you're going to go out and have a few, that's OK, but please don't take it on the road. Arrange a Designated Driver for you and your mates.

    More about RADD
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