Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions.... Inevitably, if you are new to something, it stands to reason you will have questions. Student Car Share always endeavours to provide enough information to make a decision to join or provide some answers to any questions you may have. The information below are the questions we have found that users will want to know.

Choose a car sharing program, fill out the online application. Once your membership has been approved, you'll receive an email confirmation. We will also mail you a Smart Card and welcome brochure. Your member ID number will be on your welcome brochure - you'll need this to log in and reserve.

For the actual approval, please allow up to 3-5 business days for it to be processed. The approval process is simple and we do work fast to get you on the road as soon as we possibly can. We will need to authorise your credit card and also verify that your driver's license is valid. International members may take longer to get approved.
Simply, yes! If you're a student between 18 – 20 years old you can join. If you have a qualified driver's license from another country and/or and international permit, you'll just need a credit card to apply.
Just use your member ID to log in. Enter your Member ID and personally selected password. You can make a reservation 24/7 with as little or as much notice as you like, it's all up to you. As for cancellations, since this is a community, cancelling as soon as possible will allow another member to reserve that vehicle.

As far as driving is concerned, only you or another approved member on the same Student Car Share account can drive the vehicle during your reservation. That's the benefit of being a member.
Depending on the plan you choose, your rate may also include a limited amount of kilometres per car share period. Any kilometres over your limit will be charged at a low per-kilometre rate.
Car sharing is not a one-way rental program, so your vehicle must be returned to the original reserved parking area where you picked it up. This allows it to be easily found and used by the next member.

And, unfortunately no pets are allowed in our vehicles as this would make overall vehicle cleanliness for other members using the vehicles difficult. If you find the interior of the car is dirty at the beginning of your reservation, please send us some pictures to and call 1300 183 184 to report, the offending member will be charged a $100 cleaning fee.
One of the responsibilities of membership is to refill the fuel tank at a Caltex Station when it drops to 1/4 full during your car sharing period. Be sure to return the fuel card to the same place you found it after you've filled the tank. Failure to return the vehicle with a minimum ¼ tank of fuel or a lost fuel card could result in a fee.

To refuel, when you pull into a Caltex petrol station, retrieve the fuel card and swipe the card like you would any credit card. When prompted, enter the current vehicle kilometres from the odometer along with your unique 4-digit fuel PIN. Fill the tank with regular unleaded petrol and then return the fuel card where you found it. Remember, the only station you can use to refill the tank is a Caltex one.
If you get to the Student Car Share parking area and your car is not there, call us and we will assist you by locating the vehicle or switching your reservation to another available vehicle.

In the case of an unauthorised vehicle in the space, call us immediately so we can make arrangements to remove the unauthorised vehicle and give you directions on where to park.
When you arrive at the vehicle, you'll see a sensor on the drivers' side windshield. Hold your Smart Card over the sensor until you hear the doors unlock. The keys are found on a key tether attached to the dashboard. Remember to always leave the car keys in the vehicle. Now you're ready to drive!

If you would like to keep the car overnight, discounted overnight rates may apply. Check our website or contact us for more information.
Be aware that returning the vehicle late or extending after your reservation has ended will incur a penalty. If you know you're going to be late, extend online or by phone before the end of your reserved time. If there's no reservation right after yours, we can extend your reservation without a problem. If your extension or late return delays another member a minimum late fee of $35 per hour plus the hourly rate will apply. Late returns are a NO NO!
The member is responsible for paying for all traffic or parking tickets while using a Student Car Share vehicle. If you incur a parking or speed violation, it is wise to pay the associated fines as soon as possible. Any violations we receive on your behalf will be transferred to your name by the parking/ speeding authority or directly billed to you by Student Car Share. Please note that an administrative fee will apply.
Simply put, smoking in our vehicles is not permitted, that would be unfair for those who do not smake. Please note that there is a fine for any smoking in our vehicles.

As for cleaning, a representative will clean your vehicles on a regular schedule. Since this is a car sharing community and the cars cannot be cleaned after every use, be sure to leave the vehicle in good condition for the next member by taking your personal belongings and removing any rubbish upon exiting the vehicle. If you find the interior of the car is dirty at the beginning of your reservation, please send us some pictures to and call 1300 183 184 to report, the offending member will be charged a $100 cleaning fee.
In the event of a breakdown, flat tyre or other problem, call us immediately so we can dispatch our 24-hour roadside assistance.

In the case of an accident, an accident checklist can be found in the glove box. Call the Police to make a report and fill out the accident checklist. Please notify us of the accident immediately so that we can create a report of the information you collect and assist you in any way possible. We'll be sure to make alternate arrangements for the next Student Car Share member that has a reservation for that vehicle.
Members may be responsible for damage. Liability and Damage Waiver coverage may be included in your membership, and varies by the program chosen. If you are in an accident with another vehicle, we will respond to claims from other parties and any excess is payable as per the program chosen.

We don't want to hold you responsible for damage that existed prior to your use of the car. Please take a few minutes before you drive to inspect the car prior to each rental. If you notice any damages, please email a picture to and call 1300 183 184 to report. Call us immediately to report any problems so that we can document the vehicle's condition prior to your use and, if needed, make other arrangements for you.
Call or contact us to request a replacement for your Smart Card. In most cases, a $20 replacement fee will apply.

As for cancellations, please contact us to cancel your membership so that we can review your account and provide instructions for returning your Smart Card.
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