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A New Way of Getting Around

Car Share is a little different than a typical hire scenario. It operates from central pick-up, drop-off locations for Members. The vehicles are available when not booked, just select the required time block and lock it in. This is a great asset to utilise in a situation where you need a vehicle short-term, saving you the hassle of per-day rental, worrying about your own transport and even parking on a regular basis where that is difficult. The convenience for Members is huge, the advantages are great and the sheer simplicity of the system is something you will love.

Grab the AppGoogle Play or App Store
Sign UpBecome a Student Car Share Member
Check & BookBrowse the time you need & lock it in
Pick Up & Go...Grab your vehicle and get on the road

Membership Features

It's Easy

Student Car Share simplifies your transport with an easy, hassle free experience.

Online Bookings

It's as easy as using the App on your Smartphone.

Ready When You Are

Student Car Share is available all the time, day or night.

Save Money

All the benefits of a car without the hassle and serious cost of actually owning one.

Hassle Free

Who needs the added cost and hassle of owning a car, just use one!

Book & Go

Secure your booking, pick up the car and you're off.

Get on board and grab the App now...

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Student Car Share makes it easy

With your Membership, you have the availability to book one of our conveniently located cars whenever you need it. Becoming a Member is easy too, just grab the App from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store, install it and then apply.

Your Student Car Share Member Card is smart and allows a hassle-free way of getting your car and doing what you need to do with the minimum of fuss. No keys, no hassle, no problem.

If you want to know more, then look over this site at all the information provided and then just grab the App and go from there. It's easy!

Find Out More
( Great Rates )
Free* $35 Membership
for first 12 months

Application Fee $25
$6 per hour
+ $0.25 per km (petrol & insurance included)
$74 per day
inc. 150km free + $0.25 per extra km (petrol & insurance included)
Just for Students and Faculty
(One Driver Allowed, Just You)


It's always good to receive feedback... What Our Members Are Saying

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